Certification is completely online!

Learn from the best certified dog trainers and walkers. We are the only dog walker certification course taught by active and certified dog trainers and walkers.

So you are thinking of becoming a dog walker?  You should!  The job is amazing!  Come get certified with us!

Are you looking for a career change? Do you love dogs? This program is for you! We know your time is limited and valuable — our online program makes it easy!

Step 1: Review our video lessons online around your schedule.

Step 2: Study Slides and take the Online Exam at your own pace.

Top Dog SF University offers a 20-Hour Online Dog Walker Certification endorsed by San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control and the GGNRA to satisfy the San Francisco’s commercial dog walking legislation. Top Dog SF University was developed and is taught by SPCA Certified Trainer & Counselor Natalie Tondelli-Walsh. The Top Dog SF Dog Walker University was designed to help educate professional dog sitters and walkers.

Top Dog SF University teaches Science-Based dog training and handling techniques to control groups of dogs both on and off leash effectively, safely and successfully in real life application. The Top Dog SF University Certification program provides business coaching to give you the tools to run your successful dog walking business or get hired by other San Francisco dog walking companies.

You will be taught how to read dog body language, dog park etiquette, learn how to walk your dogs safely while sharing the park with others, how to get the behaviors you want out of your dog walking clients, how to pair dog walking clients in a group, dog fight prevention, loads of industry tips and how to have a fun and do what you love!

  • Review the series of videos
  • Review the study slides
  • Study at your own pace and take the online exam around your schedule
  • Pet First Aid CPR-only course is also offered online and included in the Bachelors Program or can be purchased separately

Pet First Aid and CPR Class

  • Certificate provided and certification is good for 2 years


$500one time fee
  • Sign up, start anytime. Course includes a 20 hour certification and includes the cost of CPR certificate. Includes both online exam, study material and CPR Certification.