Do the dogs get dirty on walks?


Our walkers are happy to wipe your dog down with a pre-designated towel on rainy days. But if you have areas of your house you are concerned about getting dirty, please make arrangements with us in advance to keep them confined somewhere where a little dirt won’t hurt. Whether your dog gets dirty depends on

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Will the same person always walk/visit my pet?


Generally, yes. We will assign a primary walker for your dog. If your dog goes on regularly scheduled walks with us 5x a week we have one walker assigned for your dog. We also have a back-up walker trained to substitute for us if the primary walker is sick or on vacation. We communicate with

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Is there a way to put my account on hold?


We don’t have the ability to put the service/ account on hold and guarantee your dog’s spot since we are a small local company. Changes to the schedule need to be made by the 15th of the current month for the next month to cancel or suspend service and we can then touch base when

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What’s the deal with the Monthly Discounted Package?


We suggest (and so do our clients) that you use our Monthly Discounted Package to save you money and secure other perks for you and your pup. We require a minimum of 3x a week which saves our clients’ money throughout the year to secure a spot for your dog in our small sized groups,

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What are your walk times?


DOGGIE RANCH – Pick up between 7:45 AM to 11:30 AM and Drop off between 12 noon and 4 PM *** The actual off leash/ walk time is ~75 to 90 minutes, and the average out of the house time with pick up, drop off and drive time is about 4.5 hours for our Doggie

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What is a doggie ranch?


We have our own private enclosed dog park for just our Top Dog pups! Located right below the city in Pacifica, we head down to our grassy meadow space each day where we romp, socialize, smell, play, chase, fetch galore! Doggie Ranch is a perfect spot for us to allow your dog the freedom and

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