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Off-Leash Adventures<br />

Off-Leash Adventures

Doggie Adventure Outings for your pup include shuttle service Monday through Friday to our own large, private, clean and enclosed doggie ranch in Montara.

On these group dog walks, your dog will be out socializing and playing with their carefully selected buddies for an average of 3.5 hours per day. Our service includes pick up and drop off services in select San Francisco neighborhoods for ultimate convenience as we know you are busy!

We are skilled at group composition and pack management. Each dog group is tailored to each dog’s temperament

Puppy Head Start Program

Puppy Head Start Program

  • Monday through Friday for puppies 2 months to 4 months old at the time of enrollment
  • Drop off as early at 9:00am and pick up at 3pm
  • 2121 Taraval St. between 31st and 32nd Ave.
  • Small group class sizes
  • Quick enrollment time after completed application
  • 5x a week schedule for $2100 for initial 4 weeks of 20 sessions
  • 4x a week schedule for $1900 for initial 4 weeks of 16 sessions
  • One free Puppy Social included with enrollment
  • Your puppy will learn positive play skills, bite inhibition, socialization, hand and verbal commands, confidence building, and positive reinforcement training
  • Your puppy needs just its first set of shots (DHPP and Bordetella) along with a giardia free stool sample
  • Flexible puppy training plans that grow with your pup!
  • Check out our Puppy Socials, Big City Training Program and Doggie Ranch Adventures when your pup graduates from puppy school!
Private training sessions

Private Training Sessions

You are busy, we know. You want a well-behaved dog without having to become a dog trainer yourself. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

That’s why we offer Private Training Sessions where we do the one-on-one training for you and your dog. We offer effective positive reinforcement plans with both online training courses and in person options. Whichever you choose will cover everything from crate training to potty training. Contact us for more information.

Puppy Socials

Puppy Socials

Are a chance for your puppy to learn how to play, socialize and exercise safely and disease free with other puppies!

Socialization is critical for young puppies to ensure their puppy learns the skills and confidence to grow up to be a city dog, and puppy parents must provide this exposure to their puppies. Certified trainers run our Puppy Socials, and we will ensure all puppy play is appropriate and mutual by interrupting, providing essential training, and encouraging where necessary.

We offer weekly small 50-minute puppy play groups for puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks and a sperate one for puppies 14 weeks to 6 months. We also adhere to social distancing guidelines for the puppy parents, with a maximum of 6 puppies per social.

  • Weekly Socials Sundays (holiday periods excluded)
  • 2121 Taraval St. between 31st and 32nd Ave.
  • 10:30am to 11:20am for puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks
  • 11:30pm to 12:20pm for puppies 14 weeks to 6 months
  • $40.00 per dog for each 50 min. session
Puppy Socials

Small Dog Socials

  • Offered weekly at 2121 Taraval St. for dogs under 45 lbs.
  • 12:30pm to 1:20pm