Private Training Sessions

private training

Making Your Dog A Top Dog!

Our private One-on-One training Sessions include a general behavioral evaluation, diagnosis and training plan created by one of our Certified Trainers. We offer both in person sessions for San Francisco dogs and online sessions for clients world wide. The training plan and the number of recommended training sessions are determined after the initial intake training session.

​We offer two training options: One-on-One Owner Coaching Sessions or our Private Training Programs. Our Private Training Programs are for dogs of all age, but for puppy specific training we recommend our Puppy Head Start School that has open enrollment!

Basic Obedience | Puppy Training| House Training | Socialization | Leash Manners | Leash Training | Resource Guarding | Recall Training

Day Training Sessions<br />

Day Training Sessions

We do the training – you enjoy the results. You want a well-behaved dog without having to become a dog trainer yourself.

4x a Week Training Sessions (with or without Owner) where we come to you and WE INSTALL the behaviors needed. Includes 1 weekly owner transfer/ hand off session.

This option is best for busy owners by letting our trainers produce fast and long lasting results! We come to your home and work with your dog at least 3x a week with one owner transfer session per week, usually for 3 to 4 weeks. We integrate training sessions with you as well so you can practice the training we have been working on to reinforce the new behaviors when you’re out and about with your dog. ​

In-Person Dog Training

Virtual Dog Training

San Francisco Private Dog Training

Top Dog SF Puppy and Dog Training Sessions are available in the City of San Francisco for In Person Sessions, as well as Virtually for clients world wide. Initial intake training session is $175, and additional training sessions are offered at $125/per session. Additional follow-up in person and virtual sessions are $125 per session and packages are available.

Evenings and weekend sessions are available!

Contact us to learn more about our Coaching Philosophy and to help determine which training option is best for you and your dog’s needs!