Dog Parties

Play and Party with your dog. It’s Positively Rewarding.

Top Dog SF has a dedicated canine event center. Yes, you can party with your dog, your friends and their dogs!
We all love a good time and your dog needs socialization for long-term development. Exposure to novel sights, sounds, smells, people, and other dogs in a safe, clean, expertly-supervised environment is key to a dog’s well-being and happiness.

Top Dog SF provides an indoor and outdoor dog party rental in a safe, fun, clean environment for an incredibly fun experience for both you, your dog and your human and canine friends!

Contact us at to book an incredibly fun dog party experience!

Dog Party Space

Our San Francisco rental space is the perfect place for dog birthday parties, puppy parties, adoption anniversaries, kids’ parties or any time you want to celebrate in the company of dogs. 

Top Dog SF has toys, treats & party favors, plus easy clean-up in a safe, indoor and outdoor, fun-filled facility.

A lot of our clients have rescued their dogs and may not know their dog’s actual birthday. In addition to doggie birthday parties, our most popular dog party option is celebrating the anniversary of your new best friend into your family, or your pet’s “gotcha day.”
Whether it’s a dog birthday party or any other special occasion, the Top Dog SF hopes to be your celebration destination.
dog parties san francisco

Non-Hosted dog parties:

1-Hour hosted dog parties:

2-Hour hosted dog parties:

Our parties include:


Exclusive use of the facility for one or two hours


Set-up and clean-up


All human party supplies (cups, bowls, napkins, silverware, plates)


Indoor Space



Outdoor Space on doggie astro turf



Lots of delicious additional party options including doggie gift bags, doggie invitations,dog party favors, dog treats & more


For Top Dog SF in house dog and human parties cakes can be purchased locally from Paw Patch Pastries.

For dog parties with their adventure outing group, dog parties are $35 and includes cake cutting, distribution to dog pals and 10 party pics posted online.

For 1 hour parties all included = $300

For 2 hour parties all included = $400
Non- hosted rentals are available at $50/ hour. Contact us for more information.
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san francisco dog parties 1
san francisco dog parties 1
san francisco dog parties 1