Socialization is Learned!

What This Program Offers:

  • A chance for your dog to learn how to play off-leash with other dogs in a safe environment.
  • Socialization that your dog may have missed out on due to COVID.
  • Lots of play and learning for both you and your dog.
  • The skills to monitor your teenage dog’s interaction with other dogs and people in a play setting.
  • Our Top Dog SF socials are kept under the watchful eyes of Certified SPCA Dog Trainers with the help of our trained Top Dog SF Assistants.
  • They are held in our OUTDOOR Top Dog SF Ranch where we have two sections for the dogs to play!
  • Socials are held on Saturdays at 10:00am and the cost is $50.00 per dog.
  • An opportunity to practice healthy play habits, breaks and listening skills to set them up for success. All dogs need fun, they also require space and proper play interactions/greetings. Good play experiences reinforce good play behavior. Let us provide that!

Puppies aren’t born with social skills. Those must be developed! Top Dog SF Socials provide you with an environment where you and your pup can learn how to interact with other dogs, puppies, and people in a safe way. Being exposed to dogs and people of all shapes and sizes is pivotal in creating a happy, confident dog!

Puppy socials are the perfect way to ensure that your pup gets the life experiences they needs to become a well-mannered and chill adult dog later down the road.

All socials take place in our large outdoor dog ranch in the beautiful area of Montara. This gives you and your dog a chance to learn in an area that allows for proper social distancing. We accept no more than 12 puppies per social, with our professional dog trainers monitoring at all times.

The act of exposing your pup to lots of different people, dogs, and situations is known as “socialization”. The correct socialization is done in a controlled space where the behavior and actions of all involved are monitored and guided. The ultimate goal of socialization is to have a dog with a good temperament!

Who’s eligible:

  • Puppies aged 16 weeks or older and under 8 months
  • Puppies over 15 pounds.
  • Puppies with at least two sets of shots
  • Those who want to socialize their puppy in a safe environment!

Requirements prior to the First Social, Your Pup Must:

  • Have at one Distemper and Parvovirus vaccination, influenza & Bordetella.
  • Be OVER 16 weeks and no older than 8 months on the date of your dog’s first adolescent social.
  • Be under your care for at least seven days.
  • Have been looked at by a local veterinarian and/or had their first health check within seven days or fewer of attending their first social.

Thank you for your interest in our Adolescent Social program! We look forward to having you and your puppy!

Adolescent Socials are held each Saturday at our enclosed dog ranch in Montara. There is a minimum of 4 participants to hold the class and a maximum of 12 puppies. The social lasts approx. 55 minutes.

The program fee is $50.00. Reservations will close the Friday before the following Saturday class at 8pm.

To register for the program, CLICK HERE!

Please complete the self-booking form at the above link so you can add your puppy’s vet records and also pay online.