Doggie Ranch Adventures

Top Dog SF offers the safe and secure option of taking your pup to our very own private doggie ranch nestled in the hills of Montara, CA. Top Doggers get to socialize and play with their buddies on over 4.5 acres of private land which is contained by high quality fencing so your dog can be off-leash with his or her best friends and run free!

With our private doggie ranch you get the luxury of knowing your dog is safe and secure while having the time of their lives. Our activities-oriented Doggie Ranch is the perfect place for city pups to get the exercise and mental stimulation they need. Your dog will enjoy fun and games with our walkers, a variety of toys, and agility equipment, with a focus on both training and play. Our professionally trained walkers get to devote their undivided attention to playing with their pack, freed from the worry of outside risks. Your dog will get the freedom to play with a limited group of furry friends who are carefully chosen for pack compatibility.

Space is limited. Call to get your dog enrolled!

Our Private Ranch offers

  • 4.5 acres solely for Top Dog SF’s private use
  • Quality fencing which encloses the entire area
  • Separate play areas for small and large dogs
  • A beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and trees
  • Clean and maintained grass areas
  • Puppy play structures for added exploration and fun
  • Plenty of water, toys and love
  • A shelter to keep pups protected from rain and hot sun

Your dog will enjoy

  • Running free in a safe, clean and secure environment
  • A 75-90 minute off-leash adventure filled with lots of exercise for good health and happiness
  • Time with furry friends his/her own size and energy level
  • No stress or risk from unknown dogs and people
  • Daily practice of basic training, good manners and recall
  • Pick-up and drop-off services included in price

Our Dog Walkers are

  • Professionally Certified at Top Dog University
  • Canine first aid certified
  • Well versed in canine behavior and body language
  • Focused on safety and positive reinforcement
  • Dedicated to keeping your dog happy and healthy!​

Monthly Walk Subscriptions

5x Per Week

  • Features 5x a week group walks at our Doggie Ranch. Includes group walks M-F

4x Per Week

  • Features 4x a week group walks at our Doggie Ranch. Includes group walks M-F

3x Per Week

  • Features 3x a week group walks at our Doggie Ranch. Includes group walks M-F


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  • Bernal Heights
  • Buena Vista
  • Castro
  • Clarendon Heights
  • Cole Valley
  • Corona Heights
  • Diamond Heights
  • St. Francis Wood
  • Dolores Heights
  • Duboce Triangle
  • Eureka Valley
  • Forest Hill
  • Glen Park
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Haight-Ashbury
  • Hayes Valley
  • Inner Richmond
  • Inner Sunset
  • Jordan Park
  • Laguna Honda
  • Lake Merced
  • Laurel Heights
  • Lower Haight
  • Midtown Terrace
  • Miraloma Park
  • Mission​ Dolores
  • Noe Valley
  • North of Panhandle
  • Outer Richmond​
  • Outer Sunset
  • Pacific Heights
  • Panhandle
  • Parkside
  • Potrero Hill​
  • Sea Cliff
  • St. Francis Wood
  • Sunnydale
  • Twin Peaks
  • Upper Market
  • West Portal
  • Western Addition


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