Socialization is Learned!

What Are Puppy Socials?

Puppy Socials

Are a chance for your puppy to learn how to play, socialize and exercise safely and disease free with other puppies! We offer two weekly small 40-minute puppy play groups for puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks and then puppies 14 weeks to 6 months. We also adhere to social distancing guidelines for the puppy parents, with a maximum of 6 puppies per social.

Socialization is critical for young puppies to ensure their puppy learns the skills and confidence to grow up to be a city dog, and puppy parents must provide this exposure to their puppies. Certified trainers run our Puppy Socials, and we will ensure all puppy play is appropriate and mutual by interrupting, providing essential training, and encouraging where necessary.​

Puppies aren’t born with social skills. Those must be developed! Top Dog SF Socials provide you with an environment where you and your pup can learn how to interact with other dogs, puppies, and people in a safe way. The act of exposing your pup to lots of different people, dogs, and situations is known as “socialization”. The correct socialization is done in a controlled space where the behavior and actions of all involved are monitored and guided. The ultimate goal of socialization is to have a dog with a good temperament!

All dogs need fun, and they also require space and proper play interactions/greetings. Good play experiences reinforce good play behavior, and let us provide that! A dog with a good temperament is a dream to live with, and providing early socialization to your puppy with listening skills sets them up for success.

Benefits of Puppy Socials:

At Top Dog SF, we allow you to socialize your puppy while protecting them from disease safely. We use a veterinarian-grade enzyme cleaner on our floors and surfaces. We also help you develop the skills to monitor and interpret your growing puppy’s interaction with other dogs and people in a play setting with other puppies and humans to help create a confident, happy adult dog!

Pups need to socialize to learn about bite inhibition and get their zoomies out! A tired puppy is always the best! Puppy socials allow your puppy to practice healthy play habits and enjoy the company of different types of people, including children, men, strangers, etc., with professional dog trainers monitoring at all times.

Requirements prior to the First Social, Your Pup Must:

Pre-registration for a Top Dog SF Puppy Social is required here.  Puppy socials are $40 for each 50-minute socials.

All puppies between the ages of 8 and 14 weeks must have their first round of vaccinations at least one week before their first social. These shots include:

  • one distemper and
  • one parvovirus vaccination 
  • deworming (from the breeder or veterinarian)
  • the puppy must be in your home for 7 days before the first social
  • Puppies must be under 40 lbs.

Be sure to upload or bring vaccination paperwork, bring high-value treats, a leash, a hungry pup, and a face mask to our next Top Dog SF puppy social!

Thank you for your interest in our Puppy Socials! We look forward to having you and your puppy learn and grow in a safe, clean environment!

Puppy Socials are held each Sunday at 2014 Judah St. There is a minimum of 4 participants to hold the class and a maximum of 6 puppies.

Socials last approx. 50 minutes.

The program fee is $40.00. Reservations will close the Saturday evening before each Sunday Puppy Social at 7pm.

To register for a Top Dog SF Social, CLICK HERE!

Please complete the self-booking form at the above link so you can add upload your puppy’s vet records and also pay online.