Group Training Classes

Top Dog SF is now offering group puppy training classes through Aimee Porter and It’s A Dog’s World SF. These classes are a great opportunity for puppy parents to learn alongside their dogs and address the hardships of puppy ownership alongside other people with new pups and similar experiences.

Puppy One: Foundational Obedience Training For Puppies


This puppy class is an excellent first step to a great life with your new puppy!

Training topics covered in class include: 

  • Foundational Basic Obedience
  • Prevention of Common Puppy Problems
  • Socialization including Environmental Socialization for building confidence and comfort so your puppy enjoys being part of your lifestyle.

For puppies who are 8 weeks to 14 weeks old.

Puppy play and socialization are incorporated into every class!

Registration for this class is on the It’s A Dog’s World SF website.

Puppy Two: Advanced Obedience Training for Puppies

This class starts off where Puppy One leaves off to strengthen your dog’s obedience skills and take them to the next level!

Training topics covered in class include:

  • Levelling Up Your Puppy’s Obedience
  • Advanced Training of Impulse Control
  • Increasing the Reliability of Responses to Verbal Cues
  • Advanced Recall Training

Puppies in the class will learn to respond reliably to previously learned verbal cues despite: longer distances, greater distractions, and increased duration of behaviors.

For puppies who are over 4 months old who gradated from Puppy One or have equivalent training.

Registration for this class is on the It’s A Dog’s World SF website.

Meet Aimee Porter, Training Class Instructor


Aimee Porter is the owner of It’s A Dog’s World SF. She graduated from the SF SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers in 2009 with honors. As a trainer, her greatest passion is the socialization of puppies. She employs her vast knowledge and experience to prepare puppies for a lifetime of happiness and life in the real world.